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Why EmbCard?

Maximum memory size - 1 Megabyte is the largest memory size that can be accessed by Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, White or Simplicity embroidery machines. You can store approximately 450.000 stitches on the EmbCard. The EmbCard also provides the maximum storage capacity of 512 K for compatible Viking/Husqvarna embroidery machines. This is approximately 260.000 stitches.

Maximum compatibility - EmbCard can be read by Brother, Baby Lock, Bernina Deco, White, Simplicity and Viking, Husqvarna embroidery machines.

Maximum adaptability - EmbCard can be written by PES2Card, PE Design 5 or higher, Palette 5 or higher, PED Basic, Palette PTS, PE Design Lite, Palette Petite, Amazing Box, Magic Box, Universal Embroidery Translator, Dream Maker, Smart Box, BuzzBox, Multi-Converter and Ultimate Box.

The best price - The EmbCard card costs less than any other blank embroidery card.

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